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Electromagnetic Field Analysis Technical Services

As a specialist in electromagnetic field analysis
We provide thorough support for your company's design, R&D issues!

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We support you from the clarification of design issues, including solver modification!

The need for electromagnetic field analysis is increasing in the design and development of electromagnetic devices. However, in order to properly set up the unique conditions for electromagnetic field analysis, it is necessary to have knowledge and experience in analysis methods as well as in analyzing analysis targets and issues.

As your problem-solving partner, we will work with you from "clarification of the basic issues" to "discussion of the results obtained," even for topics that have never been done before.

Electromagnetic Field Analysis Technical Services Details

We offer contract analysis, software development/software customization, and technical consulting.

Contract Analysis

1) General electromagnetic field analysis using EMSolution electromagnetic field analysis software
2) Electromagnetic field analysis using the CLN method
3) Data preparation for motor behavior models

Note: As for analysis examples, it is difficult to introduce specific examples since most of the cases of contracted analysis are subject to non-disclosure agreements, but please refer to the problems and examples shown in the “Application Fields/Case Studies” section.

Software customization/development

1) Customization of EMSolution
2) Customization of Motor Behavior Model
3) Software development for parameter survey, optimization, etc. using EMSolution
4) Software development necessary to data linkage with EMSolution

Technical consultation

1) Research on electromagnetic field analysis technology and its application
2) Technical support for equipment design and development
3) Analysis of equipment behavior, failure diagnosis, etc., using electromagnetic field analysis technology

SSIL's Policy on Solving Customer Issues

■ Taking on the challenge of analysis that is difficult for other companies

SSIL has been involved in solver development since the dawn of electromagnetic field analysis, and has been consulted on analysis problems that are difficult for other companies to solve, such as large-scale, high-precision, high-speed, and special problems. Our experienced engineers, who have been working on these problems for many years, will work with you to develop analysis specifications and solve your problems by making full use of EMSolution, electromagnetic field analysis software with many unique functions.


■ We can handle quick turnaround time for analysis such as failure analysis

Failure analysis requires quick turnaround time for analysis of 3D models that are close to the actual device, a field in which we excel, requiring comprehensive capabilities, including the high-speed performance of EMSolution and appropriate modeling by our analysis engineers.


■ We also offer  development and customization services

EMSolution, our electromagnetic field analysis software, is a 100% in-house developed solver. Therefore, we can respond to our customers’ special analysis needs, including new solver development and modification. EMSolution can also be flexibly linked with other companies’ meshers/viewers and extended to design tools.

Procedures for electromagnetic field analysis

         (Note 1) If necessary, we will conclude a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) prior to the hearing.
         (Note 2) During the hearing, we will understand your company's issues and propose appropriate analysis specifications.
         (Note 3) Upon request, we will provide a detailed report and discussion of the analysis results.