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With EMSolution as its core,
the company offers a lineup of related products for electromagnetic field analysis.


High-speed, high-precision electromagnetic field analysis software

EMSolution for high-speed, high-precision electromagnetic field analysis.
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To make EMSolution available to as many people as possible

By limiting the analysis to two-dimensional analysis, we have achieved a low price.
EMSolution's unique features, which other companies' products do not have, can be utilized in the analysis.


Parallel High-Speed for Large-Scale Analysis
Electromagnetic field analysis solver

We offer a solver with unparalleled performance that breaks through the conventional wisdom of electromagnetic field analysis.

Motor Behavior Models

Generates motor behavior models for control/circuit simulation

Motor behavior models are equivalent models of motors generated based on motor characteristics obtained from electromagnetic field analysis, and are used as nonlinear motor elements in circuit simulators such as MATLAB/Simulink. The use of motor behavior models enables control simulations that are overwhelmingly faster than coupled analysis with the finite element method.