Electromagnetic field analysis softwareEMSolution


Pioneer in electromagnetic field analysis since its infancy

Electromagnetic field analysis software for high-precision, large-scale analysis using advanced analysis techniques such as the edge element method, the ICCG method, the node force method, and the sliding method, which were developed and introduced independently.

Proprietary software developed and introduced with advanced analysis technology

EMSolution has been developed by pioneers who have been performing three-dimensional analysis since the dawn of electromagnetic field analysis, and has earned a reputation for its ability to solve large models at high speed. We have developed our own high-speed analysis method (line search) and sliding motion (sliding method), and have a function that allows the definition of coils independently of the finite element mesh (2-potential method), as well as the ability to simulate flat conductors, which deteriorate convergence characteristics, using 2-dimensional shell elements. We will continue to develop methods that can produce practical results not only for the analysis of general electromagnetic devices, but also for issues that are not easily analyzed, so that we can continue to be of service in the development and design of electrical devices.

Product Configuration

About Licenses

EMSolution is sold as a package license. Each package can have additional modules, which can be selected according to the customer’s purpose of analysis.

License prices vary depending on the package, maximum number of nodes, number of jobs, number of additional modules, and license type. Please contact us from the Inquiry page for licensing inquiries.


Licensing Type

  • Node-Locked License
    A node-locked license is a license that is issued via a dongle (USB) key or a license file, which allows for use on a fixed number of machines, even when not connected to a LAN.

Package Configuration

 Main applicationsFunction
Standard PackageTransformers, wireless power supply,
induction heating, eddy current testing, etc.
Standard ModulesNote 1)
Professional PackageIn addition to the Standard Package,
motors, actuators, etc.
Exercise coupled moduleNote 2)
in addition to standard modulesNote 1)
Lite PackageParameter study,
Analysis for motor behavior model building
Same as Professional Package
(limited to 2D analysis & less than 100,000 elements)

Note 1) Standard modules: Static, AC, Transient, Network, Steady Current, PSIM Coupler, MATLAB/Simulink Coupler
Note 2) Motion Coupled Analysis Modules: Motion, Deform, Dynamic

Module List
Standard ModulesStaticStatic Magnetic Field Analysis Module
ACAC steady-state magnetic field analysis module including eddy current effects
TransientTransient magnetic field analysis module including eddy currents
NetworkCoupled module with external electrical circuit
Steady CurrentSteady-state analysis module for a conductor uniform in the direction of motion and subjected to a constant magnetic field
PSIM CouplerCoupled analysis module with PSIMNote3)
MATLAB/Simulink CouplerCoupled analysis module with MATLAB/SimulinkNote4)
Motion Coupled ModulesMotionMesh translation (linear motion, rotational motion) module
DeformMotion by mesh deformation (linear motion, rotational motion) module
DynamicCoupled Equations of Motion and Electromagnetic Field Analysis Module
Advanced Magnetic
Property Modules
PM DemagnetizationNonlinear Analysis and Demagnetization Analysis Module for Permanent Magnets
Temp-dependent material propertyTemperature Dependence Analysis Module for Magnetic Property Data
Jiles-Atherton modelHysteresis property analysis module for magnetic materials by Jiles-Atheton model
Anisotropy2DAnalysis module for nonlinear two-dimensional anisotropic magnetic properties
Advanced ModulesHysteresisHysteresis property analysis module for magnetic materials using vector play model
ParallelOpenMP parallel computation (analysis computation time reduction) module with multiple CPUs

Note 3) PSIM is a circuit simulator developed for power electronics and motor control sold by Myway Plus, Inc.
Note 4) MATLAB/Simulink is a model-based design software sold by MathWorks.

Operating Environment

Operating Environment

Node-locked license

※Please contact us for details.
Windows8 ~ 10
LinuxRedhat Enterprise Linux
Turbo Linux
※Depends on the number of elements
in the analysis and the analysis conditions
40GB or more recommended
Disk capacity40GB or more recommended
OtherUSB port (for license protect key)

User support and maintenance service

Maintenance Service

The maintenance service provides the following services

・ We provide the following services: – Answering questions about the use of the product, providing advice on data creation, investigating problems during execution, and responding to upgrade requests via e-mail.
・ Support for product version upgrades
・ Distributing the latest technical information via EMSolution News and EMSolution Topics

In addition to answering questions about the use of the software, modeling methods, etc., technical support is available to answer questions about models that require a large number of iterations or models for which convergence values are difficult to obtain, including how to optimize parameters to increase speed and obtain convergent values. Please take advantage of our services. Our development engineers, who are well versed in electromagnetic field analysis technology, will be available to provide support and explain even the most advanced questions in detail.

In addition, we have a tutorial on our website that explains how to use the software using examples and introduces points to keep in mind. Frequently asked questions are also listed as FAQs. In addition, EMSolution News and EMSolution Topics provide news on new features, bug fixes, events, etc. We also provide technical documents that are not only useful for users, but also for experienced analysis engineers.

Benchmark analysis for purchase consideration

When considering the purchase of a product, we are happy to perform a benchmark test if you would like to know whether the analysis can actually be performed or how accurate the calculations will be. Upon request, we can also prepare an instruction manual for the calculation procedure so that you can use the software immediately after purchase.


For technical services related to electromagnetic field analysis

We also accept contract analysis at any time, from model creation to calculation execution, report preparation, and organization of calculation data. We are willing to take on the challenge of creating models that are not only at the study level, but also at a high level of difficulty.

We can also perform calculations on behalf of users of EMSolution who are already using EMSolution when they are too busy to use the execution machine or when the number of calculation execution licenses is insufficient.

If you are new to electromagnetic field analysis, or if you have experience but want to work on a new target device, please contact us and we will propose a solution on how to approach and deal with the problem. Although we are not experts in the target equipment, our engineers with rich experience in electromagnetic field analysis technology can serve you not only as advisors but also as partners from the perspective of our experience in analyzing various types of equipment and electromagnetic field analysis technology.

How to use EMSolution on Focus

Service Features and Benefits of Utilization

・The analysis can be performed on the FOCUS supercomputer when needed and for as many jobs as needed.

・The cost is based on the computation time. If you don’t use it, you don’t have to pay extra.

・The cost is pay-as-you-go based on computation time, so if you don’t use it, you don’t have to pay extra.

Overview of services used

This service permits customers who have completed the user registration for FOCUS supercomputer to perform analysis using EMSolution on the FOCUS supercomputer calculation server system. The EMSolution that can be used is as follows.

(1) On the FOUCS supercomputer [208 nodes (2,496 cores) on the A system or 80 nodes (1,600 cores) on the D system].
The OpenMP parallel version of EMSolution (Professional Package, unlimited number of nodes) can be used on the FOUCS supercomputer [208 nodes (2,496 cores) on System A and 80 nodes (1,600 cores) on System D]. (2) The maximum number of parallelism is limited to the number of cores in a node (12 for the A system and 20 for the D system).
(3) There is no restriction on the number of EMSolution jobs that can be used simultaneously as software.
(However, the number of jobs may be limited due to hardware resource constraints and congestion on the FOCUS supercomputer.)

If you would like to add modules to the above EMSolution, please contact us.
In that case, the usage fee may change

Procedures for Service Use

The procedure for using this service is as follows. It is a prerequisite that the user has completed the registration for use on FOCUS Supercomputer and obtained a user ID in advance.

(1) The user is required to conclude the “Confirmation of EMSolution Usage Service for FOCUS Supercomputer” with us.
(2) The user is required to submit an “Application Form” with user information.
(3) When the service becomes available, we will send you a “Notice of Usage Commencement” by e-mail.

It is expected to take about one week.

The period of use is contracted on an annual basis.

Usage Fees

When using this service, there is a registration fee to be paid upon registration and an EMSolution usage fee that is charged in proportion to the calculation time. The usage fee differs between EMSolution privileged users and general users. Please contact us for details.

Note: The definitions of EMSolution Privileged User and General User are as follows
Privileged user: A customer who is currently continuing an EMSolution maintenance contract and whose annual maintenance amount is 300,000 yen or more.
General user: A customer other than those listed above.