Electromagnetic field analysis softwareEMSolution

MSC Apex

Intuitive and direct modeling of complex 3D models unique to electromagnetic field analysis.
Pre-post software for electromagnetic field analysis meshing, including EMSolution Tool.

MSC Apex Modeler

MSC Apex Modeler has a direct modeling and meshing solution developed by MSC Software, a Hexagon MI company, that can streamline your CAD cleanup, simplification, and meshing workflow. The solution offers sophisticated interactive tools that are easy to learn and fun to use.

Auto-meshing capabilities include tetra (tetrahedral) meshing as well as 2.5D meshing with hexahedrons and triangles to automatically create layered meshes such as stacked meshes.
As an integrated platform for MSC's CAE software, MSC Apex is also capable of linking with a variety of other software, including EMSolution.

For technical details on linkage, coupled analysis, etc., please contact us from this page.

Interactive meshing functions

An interactive meshing function allows users to interactively modify the number of mesh divisions and meshing areas.
By creating meshing geometry data from the original CAD geometry, you can easily control the number of divisions by cutting out areas near conductor surfaces and motor gaps.




Cutout of meshing area and automatic meshing function

It is common to create a motor mesh by cutting out the meshing area using shape symmetry, and it is known to have high calculation accuracy.
To cut out a meshing area, the CAD data itself must be modified, but with MSC Apex, geometry data for meshing can be created from CAD data, and the meshing area can be freely divided to create a mesh using the shape data modification function. Furthermore, when geometry data is modified, the mesh created in that data is automatically re-created, eliminating the need to delete and re-create the mesh to change geometry data.

Linking MSC products with EMSolution

SSIL is working with MSC products and EMSolution.
In addition to the pre-post software MSC Apex, the following are possible

Coupled sound and vibration analysis with MSC Nastran/Actran
Simple sound and vibration analysis and modification of efficiency maps to account for mechanical losses in bearings by linking with Romax
Coupled analysis of 1D motor models and mechanical analysis with Adams
Thermo-fluid coupled analysis with scFLOW
Shape optimization using ODYSSEE and reduction of the number of parameter survey cases by DOE & ROM

Please contact us from this page for technical details on collaboration and coupled analysis.

Business Partner

MSC Software

Science Solutions International Laboratory, Inc. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Masana Nishikawa, CEO; hereinafter “SSIL”) has recently signed an reseller agreement with MSC Software Japan Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Masaki Konno Socks, CEO; hereinafter “MSC”), a group company of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division (hereinafter “Hexagon”), to resell EMSolution, SSIL’s electromagnetic field analysis software, in Japan.

The reseller agreement will enable Hexagon to provide the following services: 1) sound and vibration analysis of motors by linking EMSolution with Actran and MSC Nastran, 2) thermal-fluidics analysis of 3D motor models and analysis considering temperature dependence such as electrical conductivity, by linking with Cradle’s CFD: scFLOW, 3) reduction of the number of cases and optimization of motor geometry by combining with ODYSSEE as a Reduced Order Model (ROM). This powerful combination with EMSolution and Hexagon’s engineering simulation software portfolio enables highly accurate motor system design.

For inquiries about MSC Apex and Hexagon products, please contact MSC Software Japan Ltd..