Electromagnetic field analysis softwareEMSolution


100 x Faster, 10 x Larger

100 times faster and 10 times larger problems can be analyzed
HPC solution for parallel high-speed electromagnetic field analysis

Electromagnetic Field Analysis Enters the Era of Massively Parallel Processing

In the design and development of electromagnetic equipment, electromagnetic field analysis using more complex and sophisticated models is required for the development of highly efficient and high-performance products. In response to this request, we have developed the HPC-EMSolution, which offers overwhelmingly improved analysis capability for high-speed and large-scale models through parallel processing. We offer a solver with overwhelming performance that breaks the conventional wisdom of electromagnetic field analysis as an HPC solution.


3 features that solve customer issues

“100×Faster”Parallel analysis greatly reduces analysis time

It is not unusual for a 3D analysis to take several days to complete.
Parameter surveys for specification optimization require many repetitions of analysis while changing design parameters, which has been practically difficult with 3D models.
HPC-EMSolution reduces the analysis time overwhelmingly (10 times for 16-parallel, 100 times for 256-parallel Note 1) by increasing the number of parallel analyses, and enables parameter survey of 3D models.

(Note 1) The figures showing speedup by the number of parallels are only a guide and vary depending on the analysis target, mesh size, and other factors.

“10xLarger”Analysis of large models with tens of millions of elements is now a reality

HPC-EMSolution enables analysis of large models with more than 10 million elements, which was unthinkable until now, by increasing speed and enhancing the ability to handle large models. The ability to analyze models 10 times larger than previously thought possible enables analysis of detailed and full models, which was thought to be impossible, and will change the common practice of electromagnetic device design.

“HPC Support”Available immediately with no initial investment

HPC-EMSolution can also be used on a FOCUS supercomputer. Therefore, large-scale parallel analysis can be performed without having to prepare an HPC environment in-house. Furthermore, the application service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis based on analysis time, so you can use the service as much as you need, when you need it.

Background of the birth of HPC-EMSolution

Electromagnetic Field Analysis
Technology Needs and Limitations
In the development of electromagnetic equipment such as motors, generators, and transformers, it is necessary to develop more efficient and high-performance products in a shorter time and at a lower cost. Electromagnetic field analysis has become an indispensable technology for this development. However, even in cases where more detailed modeling in three dimensions is originally required, due to the limitation of computation time, analysis on the scale of 2-3 million elements has been considered to be the practical limit. It has also been considered practically difficult to conduct a design that makes full use of a parameter survey using a 3D model.
Required High-speed performance of another dimension and and its breakthrough
In order to break through conventional wisdom in electromagnetic field analysis and enable breakthroughs in electromagnetic equipment design, we have been parallelizing EMSolution, which has been highly regarded for its high speed of analysis and robustness in large-scale analysis, with the goal of "making it possible to analyze models 10 times larger with 100 times faster speed (Note 2)". We have been working on parallelization of EMSolution, which has been highly evaluated for its "high analysis speed" and "robustness in large-scale analysis. The result is HPC-EMSolution.

(Note 2)Analysis of a model 10 times larger requires approximately 30 times the analysis time, and we believe that a speedup of 100 times would make analysis of a model 10 times larger practical.
Provides the services needed by electromagnetic equipment designers
To use the HPC-EMSolution, an HPC (High Performance Computing) environment is required. In order for customers to use HPC solutions without the hassle and expense of setting up their own hardware environment, we offer a service that allows customers to use HPC-EMSolution on a FOCUS supercomputer whenever they need it and as much as they need it.

How to use HPC-EMSolution

1License purchase / Rental

You can use it on your compute server or in the cloud by purchasing a license.
※ Please contact us for pricing.

2Application Services

Application services are available with no initial investment in hardware and software.
※Currently available on FOCUS supercomputer. Please contact us for details.

3Contract Analysis Service

Your company can undertake the analysis, including the creation of a large mesh. SSIL can perform only the initial analysis and your company can analyze the rest of the analysis, so it can be used as an entry to HPC-EMSolution.