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Motor Behavior Models

Generate motor behavior models for control/circuit simulation

The motor behavior model is an equivalent model of a motor generated based on motor characteristics obtained from electromagnetic field analysis.

SSIL's Motor Behavior Models

Motor behavior models are equivalent models of motors generated based on motor characteristics obtained from electromagnetic field analysis, and are used as nonlinear motor elements in circuit simulators such as MATLAB/Simulink. The use of motor behavior models enables control simulations that are overwhelmingly faster than coupled analysis with the finite element method.

Model-Based Development (MBD: Model-Based Development or Model-Based Design) is the use of a mathematical model of the target device from the stage when the device to be controlled does not exist, to enable control design, program development, and HILS (Hardware-In-the-Loop-Simulation) verification. The process includes control design, program development, and verification by HILS (Hardware-In-the-Loop-Simulation). SSIL's motor behavior models are created from electromagnetic field analysis using the finite element method, and can be used as high-precision models for 1D simulation in MBD.

Features of SSIL's Motor Behavior Model

(1) Highly accurate nonlinear motor model
The chain flux-based behavior model can accurately reproduce magnetic saturation, dq-axis interference, and slot harmonics, which cannot be represented by a nonlinear inductance-based model.

(2) Customizable model
We sell a behavior model creation tool (behavior model module) for PM motors as a product, and also accept customization of the tool (development of various types of motor behavior models) and creation of model data.

Product Configuration

Motor behavior models are available in the configurations shown in the table below. If you are using your EMSolution, you only need to purchase the Behavioral Model Module to create a motor behavior model. If you do not have an EMSolution license, we recommend the Behavioral Model Module with EMSolution-Lite.

Product nameRemarks
Behavioral Model ModuleA separate EMSolution or EMSolutionLite license is required to create behavior models.
Behavioral Model Module
with EMSolution-Lite
It is available in a configuration combined with EMSolution-Lite, which is dedicated for two-dimensional analysis.

Note1)Behavioral model modules are node-locked licenses only.
Note2)Currently (July 2020), the Behavioral Model Module only provides the ability to create models for PM motors.