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Advanced 3D electromagnetic field analysis software

EMSolution is electromagnetic field analysis software for quasi-static magnetic fields using the finite element method. It is robust enough to analyze a wide variety of electrical devices. Static magnetic field, transient magnetic field, and eddy current field analysis can be performed. In addition, it can analyze sliding motion such as motors and motion with mesh deformation such as actuators. Coupled analysis with electric circuits and equations of motion is also available. Hysteresis analysis can be performed as well as consideration of nonlinear magnetization characteristics.

Feature 1

Unique functions for high-speed analysis

EMSolution has been developed by pioneers who have been performing three-dimensional analysis since the dawn of electromagnetic field analysis, and it has earned a reputation for its ability to solve large-scale models at high speed. EMSolution is equipped with functions specialized for high-speed calculations, such as a function that allows the definition of coils independently of the finite element mesh (2-potential method), and a function that allows the simulation of flat conductors, which deteriorate convergence characteristics, using 2-dimensional shell elements. In addition, parallel computation using multiple cores and CPUs makes it possible to shorten the computation time for the ICCG method and B integ function, which require the most computation time. Increasing the number of parallel cores further reduces calculation time, making it suitable for the analysis of large-scale 3D models.

Feature 2

Transparency of EMSolution

EMSolution has been favored by users not only for its versatility, but also for its transparency. Many of our newly developed methods and functions have been disclosed in the form of presentations at academic conferences and external seminars to contribute to the development of electromagnetic field analysis technology. We do not use our software as a black box, but rather provide more detailed explanations of the scope of application of our methods and functions, as well as cautions for their use.

Feature 3

Linkage with third-party software

EMSolution has specialized in electromagnetic field analysis technology and has been developing products accordingly. Therefore, the mesher and post viewer required for finite element analysis are supported by linking with software from other companies. Analysis results are output in a readable format so that they can be extracted and used freely.

Feature 4

User Support

There is a growing need for the use of electromagnetic field analysis in the development and design of equipment for electromagnetic applications. However, in order to properly set conditions specific to electromagnetic fields, there are more than a few areas that require knowledge and experience in analysis methods in addition to the ability to analyze the problem. As your problem-solving partner, we will support you in solving your problems, from “clarifying the basic issues” to “discussing the results obtained,” even for unprecedented themes. EMSolution, our electromagnetic field analysis software, is a 100% in-house developed solver. Therefore, we can respond to our customers’ special analysis needs, including new development and modification of the solver.

Feature 5

Package & Module

EMSolution is sold as a package license. Various modules can be added to the package, so you can choose the one that best suits your analysis objectives. We also offer a benchmark test service for those who wish to know whether the analysis can actually be performed or how accurate the calculations will be when considering purchase. Upon request, we can also prepare an instruction manual for the calculation procedure so that you can use the software immediately after purchase. In addition, our electromagnetic field analysis software EMSolution is a 100% in-house developed solver. This means that we can respond to our customers’ special analysis needs, including new solver development and modifications.

Feature 6

Technical Services

If you are new to electromagnetic field analysis, or if you have experience but want to work on a new target device, please contact us and we will propose a solution on how to approach and deal with the problem. Although we are not experts in the target devices, our engineers with rich experience in electromagnetic field analysis technology are available not only as advisors but also as partners in development from the perspective of our experience in analyzing various devices and electromagnetic field analysis technology. We also accept contracted analysis. We can handle everything from model creation to calculation execution, report preparation, and organization of calculation data. We can handle everything from conceptual studies, and we are also willing to take on the challenge of creating models with a high degree of difficulty. For users who are already using EMSolution, we can perform calculations on your behalf when you are too busy to use the execution machine or when the number of calculation execution licenses is insufficient.

Basics of EMSolution