Electromagnetic field analysis softwareEMSolution

High-speed, high-precision electromagnetic field analysis software
based on advanced analysis technology.
It is also powerful in the analysis of large models!!

What is EMSolution?

EMSolution is electromagnetic field analysis software developed by pioneers who have been performing three-dimensional analysis since the dawn of electromagnetic field analysis. It can analyze various types of electrical equipment by static magnetic field, transient magnetic field, eddy current field analysis, etc.

You can use our products in the following fields

These are some of the areas where our products can be used

  • Permanent magnet motor
  • SR Motor
  • Electromagnetic retarder
  • Transformer
  • Actuator
  • Induction heating equipment
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Superconducting Equipment etc.
From consulting to contract analysis, we can help you solve your analysis problems

Contracted analysis,
Consulting andother problem-solving assistance

  • Electromagnetic Field Analysis Technical Services
  • Specialists in electromagnetic field analysis are available for consulting and contract analysis.
  • Analysis service by CLN method
  • The evaluation of the AC resistance of Litz wires and the creation of equivalent circuits with frequency dependence of coils to inductors.
Direct support from SSIL development engineers with expertise in electromagnetic field analysis!

Fast, courteous support!

    • Analysis Support

      Our engineers, who are well versed in electromagnetic field analysis technology, will provide prompt and courteous support.

    • Information disclosure

      EMSolution-Wiki (for users only) provides analysis know-how, Python programs, and other useful information.